Midsummer Sasso Series

Midsummer Sasso Series

This Midsummer Sasso series radiates long rays of light that belong to Summer. The stone that is the subject in this series has a surface that gives the light back to us in glitter and shine. Hence, every new series we create around this stone always revolves around light and splashes of colour.

During the making process of this summer series, there was one colour in particular that kept popping up. Even as we worked with different colours of ink and on different shades of paper, she came back. She sang her way back and filled the prints, the space and our hearts.

So this colour took the lead role and she is called: Sing it Back Pink. Indeed, pink named after Moloko’s 1998 song ‘Sing it Back (Bring it Back)’. For us, she is the colour of the midsummer light of 2023. She is the pink in the longest ray of light the sun gives to the northern hemisphere.

‘My little song will keep you beside me
Thinking your name as I sing
Bring it back, sing it back to me’

Moloko, Sing it Back, on the album I Am Not a Doctor (1998).

Via this link you can read more about the colour Sing it Back Pink.

Lake Red – Midsummer Sasso

Sing it Back Pink – Midsummer Sasso

BubbleGum Red – Midsummer Sasso

Auricular Purple – Midsummer Sasso

All Sasso series stem from the artist’s book Von Farben, die in Steinen Wohnen. This artist’s book shows the relationship between an extraordinary stone, spirited colours and two artists. The question that reverberates around this series is: ‘Does the stone show the colours or do the colours show the stone?’

At Zabriskie Buchlanden our Sasso’s have a very nice spot. So should you be in Berlin, go browse books and check out these Summer Sasso’s live.

Midsummer Sasso:
Edition: 15 +3 AP, Signed & Numbered.

Risograph series:
Printed at BBK Berlin, 2023.

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