Sasso Stone – First Sasso series

This Sasso stone is a special and limited edition originating from the artist’s book Von Farben, die in Steinen Wohnen. This artist’s book shows the relationship between an extraordinary stone, spirited colours and two artists.

One artist immersed in the experience of colour and the other was deeply captivated by the mysterious beauty of stones. From their meeting, they walked daily in the forest that smelled musty and sweet at the same time, so they called it The Caramel Forest. And on these walks, they couldn’t stop pointing at colours and placing stones in each other’s hands. Do you see this? Do you feel that?

They decided to make a book with the deep, mysterious colours of one special, precious stone. Would they get to know the stone even better this way? Could they hear the tones and sounds of the colours even better? And now that the publication is in their hands, they still whisper to each other questioningly: ‘Does the stone show the colours or do the colours show the stone?’

Sasso Orange on Charcoal Black
Sasso Teal/Orange/Teal on Rost Orange
Sasso Teal/Orange/Teal on Ash Grey
Sasso Orange on Rost Orange, 2022.

We are so happy and proud that our special edition of the Sasso series is for sale via the webshop of the most beautiful, interesting and addictive bookstore we know: Zabriskie Buchladen in Berlin.

Zabriskie webshop

Reichenberger Str. 150
10999 Berlin.

Sasso Winter Solstice edition:
2022, printed at Knust Amsterdam.

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