Fluid Moving Koi’s – series

In this series Barbara searched for spirited and vibrant colours. Colours that disappear, only to reappear a moment later in the background. Colours that flow and rush to move in fluid movements from one place to another.

Since 2020, she has been printing to the fullest using the risoprint method. The inks are particularly special. This is because they are soya and rice-based. Due to the greasiness and structure of the ink, the colours blend beautifully.

‘In the process of this series I was reminded of the beautiful pearly Koi fish. The carp fish with their shiny vibrant patterns and colours. They wear a lot of red and black and often a glowing orange-brown and a soft pearlescent cream white and shiny silver.’

Below, we highlight all variants of this Koi series.

Koi #Aurora Orange

Koi #French Grey

Koi #Dune Grey

Koi #Pearl Black

Koi #Azurite Copper

Koi #Epidote Green

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Koi Print Series:
Edition of 30, signed and numbered.

by Barbara Collé
2022, printed at Knust Amsterdam

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