About Chamber of Colours

Chamber of Colours aka Uta Neumann and Barbara Collé

Uta Neumann and Barbara Collé have joined forces and regularly collaborate on artists’ books. Often, art print series emerge from these artists’ books. Because the artist prints often belong to a larger project, they all have their own story. You can read more about the series here.

About Risography, Colours, Projects and Artist in Residence periods

The prints and books in the collection of the Chamber of Colours are often made with the Risography printing technique. Here we tell you why we are so in love with it. In the News section of this website we also tell you more about our projects, our artist in residence periods and about the beautiful colours in our work.

Chamber of Colours is a
Collaboration of:

Uta Neumann is a visual artist based in Berlin. From her love for landscape and stones she makes tactile installations using photography, video and sound.

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Barbara Collé is a visual artist and philosopher based in Amsterdam. She focuses on our experience of colour. By examining how colours smell, sound and feel, she explores how they connect us to the world around us. She makes artist’s books and writes stories about her sensual interactions with colours.

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