Little Dragon Mountain – series of 3

Little Dragon Mountain is a series of three, printed in an edition of 15. It is one of the stone treasures of Uta. Actually, the three colour layers of this stone are different stages, so they belong together as the day cannot do without the night. Which stage of the Little Dragon Mountain – sunny, cloudy or at night – suits you?

Don’t you think that there are mountains that are very small and yet have the deep impact of a whole mountain range?

I definitely believe that, because I know at least one of them: Little Dragon Mountain. When it’s night, it looks silvery, like the full moon on a clear night. Whereas in strong sunlight, it shows a vibrant green – almost like the sap of Wheatgrass- with a slight hum of Federal Blue, this little mountain has a shadow as yellow as the sun itself. I think a dragon lives in one of its caves, on the shady side of course. On a shadowless, cloud-covered day, however, we see its original colour: Federal Blue Mountain is its middle name…

Below, we highlight all variants of this series.

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Little Dragon Mountain #3
Little Dragon Mountain #2
Little Dragon Mountain #1
Little Dragon Mountain Series

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