Koi #French Grey


From the first sketch I searched for spirited and vibrant colours. Colours that disappear, only to reappear a moment later in the background. Colours that flow and rush to move in fluid movements from one place to another.

In the process of this series I was reminded of the beautiful pearly Koi fish. The carp fish with their shiny vibrant patterns and colours. They wear a lot of red and black and often a glowing orange-brown and a soft pearlescent cream white and shiny silver.

There they zoom through the water again, they let us stop and take a moment to be amazed at how quickly and smoothly these colours glide through the water.

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Additional information


Grey, Orange


30, Signed & Numbered

Made by

Barbara Collé

Packing and shipping

The print will be carefully packed and reinforced with extra hardboard. The work will be shipped flat in a plain cardboard envelope.

Printed at

KNUST at AGA LAB (Amsterdam)


120 grams, French Grey

Printing method

Risoprint, Risograph


30 x 42 cm

Special Edition / Series

Koi Series