Artist Book: Dawn with her rosy-red fingers brings a new day

-Dawn in her saffron-coloured robe with her rosy-red fingers and golden arms, brings us the new day-

Eos, Ushas, Aurora, Day Blush, goddess of Dawn

She has many names and guises. Many paintings have been made for her and several stories have been written around her character. But everywhere and always she is referred to as a woman and everywhere and always she is accompanied by two colours: soft creamy orange-pink plus golden yellow.

Full range of shades of Day Blush

In 2020 Barbara started a new artist book with the theme Day & Night. And in this book Dawn also appeared as a character. During her residency period at the Riso print dependance of Knust, Day Blush got her own edition. With the inks yellow and neon orange Barbara printed on different coloured paper, revealing the full range of shades of this blushing moment of the day.

Small edition

Now in 2023 there will finally be a small edition of this artist’s book. Including the story of the goddess of the dawn, the goddess of orange-pink and golden yellow. Also printed with riso.