Ishi #3 including frame


“I like the sound of the word ishi [stone]. When I pronounce the word, it is like spitting out the sound and I feel the strength of the stone all over. I think the word ishi [stone] implies ishi [will]. Like Daruma turning to stone after facing the wall in meditation, stone endures.”

Quote: Toru Takemitsu, Confronting Silence, p. 22.

I found this stone  (in 2014) at the edge of a bright blue lake by the end of a steep and stunning valley in the south of France. On a very windy but sunny day, me and my friend V. were looking for more magic in our lives. We were rewarded by a shimmering beach full of magical stones that carried so much beauty and wisdom for us. This is one of them. It was the start of a lasting love.

Additional information


Neon Pink, Teal


15, Signed & Numbered

Made by

Uta Neumann

Packing and shipping

The print will be carefully packed and reinforced with extra hardboard. The work will be shipped flat in a plain cardboard envelope.


130 grams, Smoke Grey

Printed at

BBK Druckwerkstatt Berlin

Printing method

Risoprint, Risograph


29,5 x 40 cm

Special Edition / Series

Ishi Series

Year of publication



We sell this print including a matching wooden frame. The frame consists of two parts that are held together by blind magnets that keep the print in place. One frame has a hanging cord. Width 32 cm.